Rendering Jupyter Notebooks nicely as blog articles at Blogger

The application created by @benweet offers an easy solution to export Jupyter notebooks as blog articles. 

One could of course export the notebook as an .html file and copy paste the source code to create a post at Blogger. But this procedure has never been without problems where nasty interactions with the Blogger style sheets were unavoidable.

The procedure I follow is to first convert my notebook to markdown .md format with the following command

jupyter nbconvert --to markdown MyHappyNotebook.ipynb

And convert this .md file to .html using by simply pasting the content of the .md file and exporting to html file. At that point, one needs to not chose the Styled HTML with TOC (table of content), otherwise the table of content ends up at random places on the page.

This .html file behaves much nicer than the .html export that results from nbconvert when pasted to Blogger as a Post.