Selim Onat

I am a neuroscientist working currently on how humans make generalizations based on what they have previously learnt. To do so, I am using a variety of methodologies including fMRI (1), autonomous (2), as well as eye-movement recordings (3).

This research emanates from the well-established field of "stimulus generalization" following mainly the "lineage" of Hovland, Hull and Roger Shepard (4), and including the more recent computational work of Josua Tenenbaum (5). Furthermore, it integrates work on anxiety disorders, as it is believed that these mechanisms are impaired in people suffering from anxiety problems.

In the past, I have been working on how the nervous system processes natural scenes both at the electrophysiological and sensory-motor level. Since the times of Hubel and Wiesel, visual processing had been
overwhelmingly studied with artificial stimuli such as moving edges. However this type of stimuli suffer from an ecological validity problem, as they only rarely occur in real-life. We therefore investigated cortical processing during viewing of natural movies. This previous work focused on visual processing using mostly the technique of voltage-sensitive dye imaging and eye-tracking.

PhD Thesis, Presentation, Latex Template

I recently defended my thesis. I am uploading my presentation with idea that somebody might find it useful and get some inspiration. 

You may download the pdf file from here.

If you like the layout of the pdf file above you may download the latex template that is used to generate it from here.

I share this with the idea that anyone who would like to start writing their theses, could easily use this template to start up producing, rather than wasting time to optimize the look of the final thesis. It might take considerable time until everything appears reasonably good.

The good starting point is the PhDThesis_Selim.tex file, where all the subsequent chapters (in the form of .tex files) are referred and included. The figures are not included in the zip package therefore if you compile PhDThesis_Selim.tex file it will not succeed.